Areas of activity

from basic research to new therapies development

Rare Partners is focusing in the field of translational research and product development, in most cases following the "drug repositioning" approach, that is the process of developing a new therapeutic indication for active compounds already approved for other pathologies.

Rare Partners has undertaken an activity of project scouting, in order to identify the most interesting projects, which have in common the need for exploratory development activities.


Specific Tasks

Once an interesting project is identified and an agreement with the research institution originator of the innovative product or diagnostic tool is reached, Rare Partners takes the responsibility of performing all activities required for the project development, including :

  • Project planning and administration
  • Coordination of outsourced activities
  • Product development
  • Intellectual property and legal issues
  • Regulatory issues, including Orphan Drug Designation application
  • Quality Compliance issues, including those concerning the clinical trials
  • Fund raising
  • Grant applications to regional, national and international programs
  • Dissemination of the results
  • Contacts with industrial partners potentially interested in the exploitation of the results
  • Identification of the best partner for further development
  • Collaboration with the industrial partner(s)