Supporting Partners

side-by-side on the road towards the cure

An important part of Rare Partners' financial support comes from strong partnerships with our Supporting Partners.

The following organizations endorse the activities and the projects of Rare Partners. They share with us a common vision and actively support us in accomplishing our mission.
We are grateful and proud to work alongside them.


Neupharma is a young and modern company focused on innovation aiming at rare diseases, particularly cystic fibrosis.

Neupharma is market leader in Italy for the inhaled treatment of chronic Pseudomonas aeruginosa lung infections.

Neupharma distributes in Italy  the most advanced medical devices for the inhalation therapy in cooperation with the world leader Pari GmbH.



Pharma Quality Europe 

Pharma Quality Europe Srl is a company founded in 1998 providing services to the Life Science world in the fields of computer system validation, technical qualification of equipment and plants, engineering, compliance and validation of processes.

The mission of PQE is to become market leader as solution provider for sustainable compliance. The company is characterized by a particular focus on social responsibility and business integrity.

With more than 2,000 consultants, of different 50 nationalities , able to immediately source projects with 20+ resources, a wide geographical coverage with 45 offices worldwide, an exceptional value for money, PQE has already proven to be a winning combination for global corporations as well as for medium-small companies.
We support you globally thinking locally.


I.M.G.2 provides a complete service for the disposal of various types of waste.

Its services of pre- and post- consultancy, assistance on bureaucratic and administrative practices and transport, allow I.M.G.2 to control the entire path of refusal management, in order to make each step efficient, with a particular focus on solutions able to provide high environmental sustainability and energy efficiency.

In the I.M.G.2 plants the waste is selected, mechanically and manually, to ensure the recovery of a high percentage of reusable materials. Non-recoverable waste is submitted to a volume reduction process to guarantee an energy recovery throught thermal conversion plants.

Italian Open Water Tour

The only open water swimming circuit where everyone can dive at the lake, the sea and in the city.

Supporting Rare Partners since 2019 with #MiFidoDiTe project, Italian Open Water Tour has the mission of creating an open water swimming circuit, on a national scale, which combines high-level sport with amateur sport on a high organizational standard that will also include additional events in cooperation with the host territories.

The only open water swimming circuit where everyone can dive at the lake, the sea and in the city!



A.S.D. Maremola Triathlon 

A.S.D. Maremola Triathlon is one of the oldest Italian triathlon teams born at the end of 90’s as part of the Pietra Ligure POLISPORTIVA MAREMOLA 1914.

During the years its athletes attended several competitions, from Sprint to Ironman distances, with several successfull AG national results.

The Pietra Ligure Olimpic Triathlon race represents the team’s flagship and one of the most appreciated and participated events in the national field.

The event plays also a very active role in social initiatives, starting from the first charity relay “triathlon without barriers” leaded by Salvatore Cimmino back in 2013, and since 2015 with the well established Swim and Run Relay in support of Rare Partners and the association Io Corro con Chicchi.


Rotary Club Savona

Savona Rotary Club was established on 18 December 1930 and admitted to the International Rotary on 4 March 1931.

The Rotary’s mission is to promote the ideal of being useful (also known as "serving", from the English to serve) as a basis of charitable initiatives and, in particular, to encourage:

  • the development of knowledge as an opportunity to be useful;
  • the high morality at work and in the business; the value recognition of every useful occupation; the dignity of every Rotarian's employment as an opportunity to be useful to society;
  • the application of the ideal, for every Rotarian, of being useful in the private, professional and social life;
  • the advancing understanding, goodwill and peace around the world through a working people community united by the idea to be useful.