we do not share profits but a common view of life

Rare Partners works as a virtual product development company, through collaborations with research institutions, charities and service companies (CROs, CMOs, product providers, etc.).

We do not have wet lab facilities and we outsource all the activities required for the completion of our translational research and development projects.

Operations are coordinated by the Managing Director of Rare Partners and supported by the members of the Steering Committee, whose main responsibility is that of identifying the best development strategy and selecting the best CROs and service companies for each specific project.

The major source of innovation and of potential candidates for development are public and private research institutions active in the field of rare diseases, with whom a strict collaboration is put in place at the very beginning of the project through specific agreements.

Rare Partners is establishing collaborations with a large network of scientists, the Advisory Board, that is intended to cover all disciplines and expertises required for the development of drugs and diagnostics, particularly for application to rare diseases.