Ethical code of conduct

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In an effort to maintain the highest standards of conduct and ethical behaviour and with respect to the management of its own activities, Rare Partners adopts from its inception the following code of conduct.

We are a non profit company, which means that we act with a clear entrepreneurial spirit but with no distribution of profits to any shareholder, employee or collaborator of our company.
Our mission is that of supporting the development of new therapies and diagnostics in the field of rare diseases.
Our basic idea is that of matching non profit (private and public) financial resources with industrial drug development expertise, which we provide through our organization and network of consultants.

Our major driving force is that of making available to the mission of Rare Partners our experience, know-how and personal commitment.

All activities of our company are not driven by business but rather by the medical need present in the rare disease field.

Our spirit with external collaborations 

Ensuring the success of our collaborations with third parties is the key to our future.
We listen to our scientific partners in order to understand the potential value of their research activities and development proposals.
We speak to our supporters and donors, in order to make them understand our values and the basic assumptions behind our innovative approach.
We interact with our collaborators and consultants in an effort to build up a team sharing the common goal of fostering practical applications of basic research results.
In all collaborations with third parties we pursue agreements based on a win-win approach.
In case the collaboration will generate financial incomes, the latter will be shared between all parties involved and the amount received by Rare Partners will be entirely reinvested in research and development activities.


People are our main asset. They are recognized for their talent, behaviour, integrity and commitment to the mission.
Our people share a common view of life, which does not consider the money as the highest priority.


The respect of selected standards guides our actions. We maintain strictly our integrity and ethical standards. We do not compromise on quality, safety or environment.
We comply with national and international legal requirements, adopting more demanding standards where appropriate.


We are a privately-owned non profit company which has the final and unique goal to fulfil its mission. Thus, any financial operation is conducted under this key assumption towards the benefit of our projects with the final aim to foster the development of new therapeutic and diagnostic solutions for rare diseases.

Accordingly to the non profit nature of our company, incorporated in Italy as “Impresa Sociale”, no financial gain or profit will be distributed in a direct or indirect way to any shareholder, employee or collaborator of Rare Partners.
The level of salaries for all Rare Partners employees is in accordance with the guidelines given in the Italian Law n° 155/2006, which provides definitions and regulations of the legal entity “Impresa Sociale”.

We seek financial or other resources solely in the best interests of our mission. No volunteer or staff member shall accept or seek, on behalf of self or any other person, any financial advantage or gain of other than nominal value offered as a result of the volunteer or staff member’s Rare Partners affiliation.

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We adopt rigorous criteria for any communication of information, to third parties, including partners, research institutions, consultants, granting agencies, donors and philanthropists.
Our line of conduct is transparent, rigorous and fair information.
We maintain the confidentiality and privacy standards of Rare Partners.
No volunteer or staff member may disclose any information that is available solely as a result of their affiliation with Rare Partners to any person not authorized to receive such information or use to the disadvantage of Rare Partners or any of its members, partners or donors any such confidential information, without the express authorization of Rare Partners.



The quality of the projects and products we develop is fundamental to our strategy of excellence.

Health, safety and environment

In the conduct of our business we accord the highest priority to the safety and to the protection of the health of our employees, our collaborators and the general public, as well as to the protection of the environment.

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