Rare Partners and Fondazione Umberto Di Mario signed an agreement in the field of type 1 diabetes

RP announcement

January 2011 - Rare Partners announced to have signed together with Fondazione Umberto Di Mario Onlus a framework agreement, which has the main scope of developing new therapeutic approaches and diagnostic tools in the field of juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes), particularly for the most rare forms of it.

According to the agreement signed by the two non profit organizations, Rare Partners will be responsible of all activities required for the exploitation of research results originated from the laboratories of Fondazione Umberto Di Mario and for their subsequent transformation into new drug and diagnostic candidates.

In particular, Rare Partners will provide its expertise, know-how and network of consultants for the early development of the most promising projects, taking care also of the intellectual property protection and of contact management with potential academic and industrial partners.

The signed framework agreement, which will have initially a 5 years duration, opens the way for the implementation of several specific contracts which will be signed by Rare Partners and Fondazione Umberto Di Mario regarding projects of common interest for both parties.

Fondazione Umberto Di Mario

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